The center for persons with disabilities
“Human Sustainability“ is the idea of togetherness, humanity, and giving help to those who need it. The starting point of our project was to make, not just an energy-efficient building with sustainable construction, but to make it sustainable in its own exploitation and beneficial for the community we live in. After the research work on the problems, in the city we come from, we realized that Novi Pazar has several social issues. Namely, there are many people with additional needs in Novi Pazar, and they do not have the appropriate care, which often leads to their social inactivity and isolation. On the other side, the city of 120 000 inhabitants has two universities which are attended by more than 5000 students each year and due to poor conditions, the students usually do not have the adequate practice during their studies. We tried to solve these two problems through our project, called ‘Human Sustainability’ presented in a form of a building situated in an adequate location “Vojničke livade“ in Novi Pazar. The location seemed suitable for our project since it is accessible, with beautiful scenery and it isn't far from the city center, which makes it available to anyone.

Type of the project:
World competition LAFARGE for sustainable design
Novi Pazar, Serbia
Lafarge Holcim Awards
Conducted by:
Lafarge Holcim Awards
Total area:
5000 m2