The scope of tender solution, which are Entity 1 and Entity 2, belong to the part of Savamala in Belgrade, which at the same time represents the historical core of this city. Historical segment was important in the approach of solving the tender task. The building of Railway station, which in the new intended usage of space becomes the Building of Historical Museum of Serbia, along with the monument of Stefan Nemanja as well as the other important buildings which encircle the Entity 1 were starting points in creating a solution of the concept of this area. The scope of the concept also involved the Entity 2 which represents the place of alternative culture with all segments of history in shape of important buildings in the observable surrounding sites. The concept of solution involved both entities, Entity 1 and Entity 2. In the approach of solving the tender task, both entities were considered together, not separately, so that both entities have a common concept which was then further developed segment by segment for Entity 1 and Entity 2.

Savamala, Belgrade, Serbia
City of Belgrade
Conducted by:
Association of Architects of Serbia
First Purchase
Total area:
27 000 m2