The former military complex “Cerovo” in Bijelo Polje, is an extremely tempting and inspiring space for creative ideas in this part of Montenegro. As a future nucleus for gathering young creative people, “Cerovo” complex offers incredible opportunities to design a new regional creative center.The initial idea for creating a new center for creative industries (HUB) in Bijelo Polje is to create a community of people who will live, work and develop their skills in an extremely inspiring space that will be a “mini city” for themselves. This “mini city” will have all the contents that are necessary in a real city to be sustainable. The new center for creative industries (HUB) in Bijelo Polje, the so-called City Hub will enable everyone who will be part of the center to have unlimited opportunities for their individual and collective creative development. The complex will be available to everyone 24 hours a day, as in fact users never have to leave the center, because in it, like in a real city, they will have all the conditions for work, but also for life.

Bijelo Polje, Montenegro
City of Bijelo Polje
Conducted by:
City of Bijelo Polje
Type of the project:
Competition of new HUB area in old military complex “Cerovo”