On a space of about 550 square meters in Belgrade, township Dorćol, as a part of tennis center Novak, a new space has been projected. A playground on whose edges lie wooden mini-houses imitates the content every city has-there is a police station, fire station, school, hospital, cafe, cinema and a workshop. Soft tartan surface is the base of the playground so that children can be safer while moving. There is also a special circular track for bike riding, and the central part is reserved for the fire pit where the children and animators will be gadering during organised events. Small hills are predicted and they represent obstacles but also an instrument for a better insight of the place, and with the trees surounding them, they take part in the making an image of a true mini-town. With the tennis court the project is complete and a place meant for animation and playing is received, as a part of a much bigger space, all in the city center.

Web Genius Lab
Belgrade, Serbia
Novak Djoković Foundation
Total area:
550 m2
Type of the project:
Adventure center Novak Djoković Foundation